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Integrity Transportation Services helps get your over dimensional load to its destination.

Integrity Transportation Services provides fully licensed and insured Pilot Cars for over-dimensional loads. Over dimensional loads may include:


Superloads are special loads outside the parameters of the permitted over-dimensional load, which can be any of the following, or a combination of: wider than, longer than, higher than, or heavier than what an ordinary permit allows.

Wide Loads:

In the U.S., a wide load is a truckload that is more than 8 feet and 6 inches wide, although different regulations can apply for length and height of the load and may differ from state to state.

Long Loads:

Generally, trailers more than 53 feet long are considered Long Loads in most states, although states can vary on the maximum length.

High Pole (Tall Loads):

When transporting tall, over-dimensional loads, Pilot Cars with a high pole on the front ensure the height of the load will clear bridges, tunnels, and other overhead obstacles.

Integrity Pilot Car Services provides Pilot Car escorts nationwide, with regional offices in Virginia Beach VA, and Stuart VA.

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To request a quote for Pilot Car services, call our office.

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Specialized Carriers and Rigging AssociationIntegrity Pilot Car Services is a member of the Specialized Carriers & Rigging Association.

Why Use a Pilot Car?Integrity Pilot Cars

Pilot Cars are all about safety. Pilot Cars have flashing lights and flags to escort trucks with over-dimensional loads safely to their destinations. Pilot Cars ensure the safety of the truck, load, and the roads and infrastructures along the route. Route surveys provided by the Pilot Car company help the over-dimensional loads to know which bridges, overpasses, etc. the over-dimensional loads can clear. Pilot Cars have the proper safety equipment to warn other drivers on the road and keep your oversize load safe.

Route Surveys

Integrity Pilot Car Services provides route surveys for your over-dimensional load, encompassing all roads, road structures, and utilities along your route. Route surveys show road construction, delays, bridge and overpass clearances, utility lines, and other overhead obstacles.

Virginia Escort Vehicle Driver Certification Course

Integrity Pilot Car Services is one of the 1st pilot car companies certified to teach pilot car classes in Virginia. They offer the Virginia Escort Vehicle Driver Certification Course for pilot car or escort vehicle drivers, and they are a certified instruction site. Their instructors are trained, educated, and experienced pilot car or escort vehicle drivers. The state of Virginia makes the 8-hour certification course is mandatory for any escort applicant.  The course includes the Virginia instruction presentation along with all rules, regulations, and requirements. Click here for available dates for the Virginia Escort Vehicle Driver Certification Course.



To request a quote for Pilot Car services, call our office.

Integrity Pilot Car – Bill Blanchard: 757-618-4899

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